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Graphic Tees Become Bigger Than Logos And Designs

Fashion gets a bad rap for being superficial. All surface-no substance. But if the latest trend in graphic tees is any indication, clothing with meaning is pushing through to the mainstream.

A few years back, the fashion industry was heavily centered around minimalism and utilitarian pieces. Especially in men’s fashion, color, print, and pattern were seriously dialed back. This meant that logos and bold graphics were hardly seen. They were even considered passé. But that’s no longer the case.

When you take a look at highly influential celebrities like Kanye West and Justin Bieber, a key ingredient of their style recipe is the graphic tee. In shot after shot, these guys are seen rocking everything from retro band tees to their own branded merchandise. And they’re doing so off-duty and on the red carpet.

Even when you look to the fashion hipsters-often the pinnacle of what’s next in the business-they’ve willingly embraced graphic tees and outerwear once again. If you look at the crowds outside of any major fashion week over the last three seasons, show attendees have proudly sported the logos and messages of their favorite brands across their chests.

And buzzworthy brands like Vêtements have capitalized on this fever by taking well-known logos (i.e. Champion, DHL) and flipping them. They’ve essentially made it cool to wear big logos again.

But the flipside of this is that the graphic tee movement isn’t just about keeping up with trends. There’s a true, meaningful component to wearing clothing that has a deeper meaning.

Asdarjah Jeans’ “Dream Big” cotton t-shirt is an example of both elevated style and a big message. The words “Dream Big” are emblazoned across the chest, enclosed by a shape that resembles a knight’s shield. Asdarjah’s medieval-inspired logo gives the design the feel of a crest.

The message seems simple but it packs in oversized implications. Placed smack dab in the middle of the torso, it’s more like ammunition to conquer the world. It’s a message of positivity that looks stylish and masculine. And it means something.

It’s messages like these that are resonating with consumers all over the world. Asdarjah features additional tees with messages of inspiration. The “Work over Wish” tee offers motivation for those who need to know what’s next after dreaming big. The “Pa Pè” Tee encourages those same hard-working dreamers to push forward without reservation.

On the surface, graphic tees have always served as an antidote for high-end fashion. They’re simpler pieces with minimal design. And their messages often represent the feel and vibe of a counter culture. But Asdarjah’s tees represent the next stage of the graphic tee.

The perfect t-shirt is about more than paying allegiance to your favorite brands or designers. Your wardrobe can also serve as a billboard that helps communicate your ambition to the world. This level of fashion isn’t frivolous, excessive, or empty. It packs in real meaning that shows off the depth of the wearer and spotlights a beautiful shift for the future of fashion

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